Willow Creek Homeowners Association, Inc.
Request For Exterior Modification

Dear Homeowner and/or Resident;

For all architectural changes, landscape additions, etc., please complete this form and return to Barnett Management, Inc., 3681 S. Green Road #305, Beachwood, Ohio 44122. You may also fax the form to (216) 831-4168 or email it to matt@barnettmanagement.com.

Information will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees. Please allow the Board up to fourteen (14) days to respond.

Please Complete This Section

Owner(s)Name: ________________________________________________________________ __
(please print first and last name)


Address: ________________________________ ___


Home Phone: ____________ Work ____________ Cell ____________


Email Address: ______________________________________

Description of project (Please include colors, materials, dimensions, etc.):







Estimated Project Start Date: ________________________________

Estimated Project End Date: ________________________________

*** You MUST also include the proposed location drawn on a copy of your site map that indicates the setbacks and easements that run through your property, including distances from lot lines. ***

Thank you and if you have any questions please contact Matt Williams at Barnett Management, Inc. Sor Email: matt@barnettmanagement.com