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Design Guidelines

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PLEASE NOTE: No sales of any type are permitted in Willow Creek. Ie. Estate sales, garage sales, yard sales, etc.

Common Violations
This list is not meant to be perceived as the only offenses that would warrant a violation letter/fine, but just the most common.


1.) Light post not working/needs repair
2.) Moldy/warped/faded siding
3.) Shutters/doors need painting
4.) Dead shrubs/trees that need removed
5.) Trash cans left out in public view on a day other than trash pick-up day
6.) Mailbox/Paper box needs repair/painting/replacement
7.) Signs in yard (for sale, advertising, etc.)
8.) Garage sales/tag sales/estate sales
9.) Dogs must be kept on leash when outdoors/must be picked up after immediately and at all timesĀ 
10.) Rear deck needs repair/painting/staining
11.) Any exterior modification/architectural improvement/landscaping installation or planting done without prior Board approval

Enforcement Procedure and Assessment for Rule Violations.
a. The owner shall be responsible for any violation of the Declarations, Bylaws, or Rules by the owner, guest or the occupants, including tenants, if any, ofhislher unit.
b. Notwithstanding anything contained in these Rules, the Board shall have the right to proceed, immediately or otherwise, with legal action for any violation of the Association's governing documents, as the Board, in its sole discretion may determine. The entire cost of effectuating a legal remedy to impose compliance, including court costs and attorney fees, shall be added to the account of the responsible owner.
c. All costs for extra cleaning/or repairs stemming from any violation also will be added to the responsible unit owner's account.
d. In addition to any other action and in accordance with the procedure outlined in to Section below, actual damages and/or an enforcement assessment of up to but not exceeding $50.00 per occurrence, or if the violation is of an ongoing nature, per day, MAYbe levied by the Board against an owner in violation.
A. Prior to the imposition of an enforcement assessment for a violation, the following procedure will be followed:

1. Written notice(s) will be served upon the alleged responsible owner specifying:
a. A reasonable date by which the owner must cure the violation to avoid the proposed charge or assessment; and
b. A description of the property damage or violation; and c. The amount ofthe proposed charge and/or enforcement assessment; and d. A statement that the owner has a right to, and the procedures to request, a hearing before the Board to contest the proposed charge and/or enforcement assessment.

2. To request a hearing, the owner must mail or deliver a written "Request for a Hearing" notice which must be received by the Board not later than the tenth day after receiving the notice.
a. If an owner timely requests a hearing, at least seven (7) days prior to the hearing, the Board shall provide the owner with a written notice that includes the date, time, and location of the hearing. If the owner fails to make a timely request for a hearing, the right to that hearing is waived, and the charge for damages and/or an enforcement assessment will be immediately imposed; and
b. At the hearing, the Board and alleged responsible owner will have the right to present any evidence. This hearing will be held in Executive Session and proof of hearing, evidence or written notice to the owner to abate action, and intent to impose an enforcement assessment shall become a part of the hearing minutes. The owner will then receive notice of the Board's decision and any enforcement assessment imposed within thirty (30) days of the hearing.

3. The Association may file a lien for an enforcement assessment and/or damage charges which remains unpaid for more than twenty (20) days.

Design Guidelines
Covenants Part 1
Covenants Part 2
Code of Regulations
Leasing Ammendment

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